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I grew up in this amazing little paradise of Traverse City, Michigan. Winter feels as though it lasts for about 6 years, but boy does that make summer worth it. I spent most of my childhood at the business end of some crayons, making artistic dreams come true for my parents - or at least this is what they tell me. (Thanks for the support, mom and dad)


My ground-breaking artistic creations didn’t end in the spiral notebook of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper - During my junior year of high school I spent an unbelievable summer at Interlochen Arts Academy studying graphite and charcoal illustration, painting, and pottery where I was truly fortunate enough to study under some of the most talented artists of their time. It was here that I knew my life would be centered around the visual arts.

I started NorthHouse Creative Co. in the Spring of 2019 with a hopeful heart and a hand ready to paint. I love what I do more than I can explain.


Welcome to NorthHouse - let’s get creative. 

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