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1  |  How long does it take to complete my portrait?

Most portraits take me roughly 2-4 days to complete, pending how complex the subject is.

2  |  Does that mean my portrait could be finished in a few days?

It could! But not necessarily... Portraits are completed on a first come, first served basis, and the completion of your painting is dependent on your place in my calendar. If you are in need of a portrait by a certain date, please alert me so that I can work with you to try and provide your portrait by the desired date.

3  |  How do receive my painting?

I ship all of my paintings in the US for free, via insured USPS First Class Mail. Paintings are secured within an archival plastic sleeve, backed with a supportive cardboard sheet and placed in a rigid mailer. I'm happy to upgrade shipping to expedited or overnight, should you need, and will include those additional fees on your invoice.

4  |  Do I have to frame my painting?

I highly recommend framing your painting (behind glass, plastic, or plexiglass) and making sure not to place it in an area that receives direct sunlight for lengthy spells during the day. Your painting is original, and needs to be cared for. Watercolor will fade over time if placed in direct sunlight. Placing the painting in a frame will help avoid this. There is also UV protective films and plexiglasses that you can purchase to protect your painting even more!

5 |  What are the specs and materials that you use for your artwork?

I use acid-free, archival quality paper for all of my work- both painted, drawn, and printed. I use 140#, soft white, gently textured paper for watercolor, 80#, soft white for graphite, and 110# bright white card stock for prints. I use Winsor & Newton Professional Grade for all of my watercolors.

6 |  How do I secure you for calligraphy?

Send me an e-mail to get a conversation started! Pending the quantity, type (envelopes, place cards, etc.), and style that you're looking for, plan on 1 to 2 weeks for production. Calligraphy slots should be secured as in-advance as possible to ensure your placement on my calendar. I will share a document with you via e-mail that outlines further needs to get your project started.

7 |  If you're calligraphing my event invitations, will you assemble and place in the mail?

I do not currently offer assembly and/or mailing services.

Have more questions? Send me an e-mail!

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